Blockchain technology has been discussed as the next big thing for years, but not many people know how to incorporate it into gaming. The platform we are developing can help developers integrate smart contracts into their games.

Blockchain Benefits

Blockchain has been a huge advantage to many industries that lacked transparency. The core of this technology is eliminating third parties and creating a trustless environment that facilitates immutable transactions between two strangers on the internet.

Blockchain provides a decentralized, transparent ledger that is cryptographically stored on various nodes spread across the world. …

The citrus gaming token is going to be one of the most revolutionary crypto-token in recent years. The best thing about this token is it will offer you many USPs with a total supply of 383 million. It will make a private sale by aiming to make revolutionary changes. This is the future of the upcoming crypto market, and you should have knowledge about this. It is aiming to reach out globally to leverage the blockchain system. If you want to be a part of this revolutionary project launch, then first check every major thing about things. …

What are the chances of Citrus Token reaching $100 from $0 50 in a year?

The Citrus Token is the new face of the Crypto industry. Citrus is a Binance smart chain token that focuses on changing the gaming industry. Moreover, it is a Crypto token for everyone. Both the gamers and other investors will get huge profits from this token.

This is because; citrus will be the only token that allows its possessor to invest in real-world assets. The detailed analysis of the codes also brings the most unified tokens for the possessor. Similarly, it will turn the gaming…

“Progress is unlikely without change, and those who can rewire their mind can revamp the world.”

According to a Statista report, worldwide expending on blockchain solutions is forecasted to reach 6.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. Thus, it is evitable the massive volume of audience inclined towards this revolutionary technology. Blockchain was initially started as a technology that resists adulteration to document timestamps. However, it becomes widely renowned in 2008 after Satoshi Nakamoto introduces Bitcoin leveraging the Blockchain tech. A peer-to-peer decentralized digital currency where there is no trusted third party. Bitcoin has already been accepted by the European Court…

To understand the impact of Blockchain on Gaming, we first have to be crystal clear about the basics.


Blockchain is a database or chain of blocks containing information stored electronically on a computer system. What differentiates a database and a blockchain is the way data is structured. A blockchain stores information in groups, popularly known as blocks. The information is stored in such a manner that it makes it nearly impossible to temper, hack or deceive the system.

Each block contains the following:


The data deposited inside a block varies on the…


The citrus token (CTS) is the pilot project of the brand Citrus, a decentralized blockchain gaming and crypto investing platform for audience across the globe.

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