It’s all about building trust & confidence and not just Dapps!

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Read why building a decentralized app is not enough, and it should entail a feeling of trust and belongingness in the users

We have been hearing about the concept of Dapps for quite some time now. Our knowledge of Dapps is well-established and we all know that it refers to the use of decentralized applications that operate on peer-to-peer connections with the use of smart contracts that are free from control by any third party.

In light of its usefulness, it is natural to wonder whether Dapps will be popular and useful in the crypto world. Sadly, when we take a closer look at the data, reality hits a different note.

According to data, there are around 40% lower active users of Dapps which was estimated 3 years back. The sole reason behind the declining figures is the lack of confidence and trust amongst users for Dapps.

There is more to building an app than just creating great visuals and a user-friendly interface. It is imperative that you go above and beyond to cover your community’s fears and help them gain more trust in your app by addressing their concerns.

Here’s some tricks you must keep in mind to raise more confidence in your Dapps;



Getting users to engage with your app is often a difficult task, so you must make sure your app is more cohesive and user-friendly in order to gain more traction. The best way to ensure users are understanding each step of the process is to create screens offering clear and concise messages. It has been designed to be configured in such a way that it eliminates the hassle of connecting wallets or logging in constantly so as to make it more convenient.

It is important to choose the right tools so that the app can provide the appropriate functionality. There must be clear instructions given to the user in order to avoid getting confused when moving from one screen to another, there must be timely tutorial buttons and messages formulated to check whether the user is stuck at any point in the process.

With this, the users will gain a lot of confidence in the use of the app and won’t think twice before returning to it in the future.


Next, you will have to decide which blockchain platform you would like to use in order to build your decentralized application based on. It is important to note that there are a number of different blockchain platforms, each with its own set of tools and features. Choosing any one of these options can be overwhelming, so you need to evaluate your business requirements before deciding on the option that is most appropriate for you.

Make sure that you choose such platforms which offer a seamless user experience to their users. As a result, your users will be able to easily use the app without having to face any inconveniences.

Now that you have your idea in hand, it is time to conduct some research to find out how well it will be received by potential users. There are a number of ways in which you can show potential investors what your idea is about and how it works by creating white papers, presentations, and other things. It is through this that you will be able to gain funding for your project as well as raise awareness about it in the community as a whole.


Next, you need to create a prototype that would demonstrate how your decentralized application would work in the real world, and how it would be implemented. In order to make a good prototype, it is best to have experience in developing Dapps and blockchain projects already or hire someone who has experience in this field as well.

It is important to demonstrate that your idea is useful and show how it is applicable to the real world through a good prototype.

Creating prototypes is one of the best methods to gain more trust from users, as it gives them a chance to see what the final outcome will be and if it is something they will be able to trust the final outcome. The second benefit of this is that the firm has the chance to modify the processes based on the expectations and feedback of the end users.


It’s all about listening to what consumers want. When it comes to mobile apps, one of the most critical lessons learned is that if you want your app to be used, it should not just be useful, but also easy to use.

A usability test can provide an unbiased insight into the user experience of a DApp. Get regular feedback from a group of users who are not attached to the creator, so you can get unbiased feedback.

A pivot or change of direction early in the game can save you a great deal of time and money. If you want your DApp to scale up to one million users, make sure other people can actually use it easily and intuitively.

Therefore, whatever feedback the community or initial users provide, you should quickly incorporate it into your applications, if possible.


There is no doubt that decentralized applications are the future of online applications. They do not rely on a centralized authority, which makes them much more secure and reliable compared to traditional applications, which require a centralized authority. All that is required is to follow all of the tips given above in order to increase the trust and confidence of the user.

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