Top 05 Tips to build a WEB3 COMMUNITY!

3 min readSep 13, 2022


Get a better understanding of how to develop a WEB3 community and maintain it effectively.

Having been around the crypto sphere, it is a must to build a network that attracts new investors as well as keeps the audience up to date. Creating a community will allow you to reach new audiences and attract more users.

If you want to have a meaningful conversation with your community, you should use platforms like Reddit or Telegram.

Following these tips will help startups stand out from the competition. See how to build a WEB3 crypto community and maintain it.


1. Align yourself with Web3 culture

‍Growing a thriving Web3 community requires an understanding of Web3 culture. If you’re not a doctor and go to a doctor’s only event, it’s certain that you won’t have a good time there. Similarly, Web3 is evolving rapidly. It’s critical to understand how to get involved in the Web3 community.

People in the world of Web3 are working towards a more inclusive, positive, and better future using blockchain and crypto technology. Although each community is unique, learning about the most popular ones can give you a competitive edge.

2. Be clear about your intentions

It’s important for your users to know you’re in it for the long haul. It’s essential to communicate your vision and demonstrate your commitment to growth in the face of so many scams and projects that aim to make a quick buck.

Creating a Web3 product that is different from what’s already out there and making your community understand the importance of it will attract more users and encourage them to become active contributors to the success of the product.

Keeping our community, which has been with you since day one, in the loop is crucial. It’s okay not to be perfect, but always stay in touch with your community.

3. Have a good sense of humor

‍Although the Web3 space is very complex and tech-savvy, memes are a big part of social media culture. There have been memes for decades, and it’s funny to see how they have evolved into ways of showing Web3’s humorous side.

What’s better than connecting people with some giggles and fun? So, make sure along with sharing critical information about your web3 projects, you engage your community in some fun sessions with memes and other touches of humor.

4. Involve your community team in key decisions

Because your community team is the most active on a day-to-day basis and involved with other communities, they have insights into what other teams may miss.

The community can be incredibly helpful in sharing valuable views on the strength of your project and allow you to adjust where needed.

In the end, your community will have the deepest understanding of the core of your project, which can affect marketing, sales, and product decisions.

Community members are the ones who will spread the word about your project, so make sure they are involved in what you are building.

5. The small things count

Going the extra mile can really help you stand out and dramatically improve the growth of your community.

  • Your community team should engage with and respond to questions or comments on a regular basis.
  • Members of your team outside of your community managers can really spark energy and excitement, even if the core team is busy building.
  • Nothing beats a quick chat with a CEO of a growing company.
  • Including custom memes, Gifs, and emojis in your community hub can help users create a fun environment.
  • Make use of your community to market your business. Often, Web3’s best marketing tool is its community.


Rather than spend thousands of dollars on buying users or paying influencers to promote your project, why not leverage your community? Engage your users through community events, and contests, and share their excitement.

While no great community is built overnight, by applying the tips and suggestions above, you’ll be well on your way to growing a thriving community and ultimately making a splash in the exciting world of Web3.

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