Top 06 Reasons Why MOBA Games Are So Popular!

5 min readJul 25, 2022
Reasons why Moba games are so popular

Read about the concept of MOBA games and how they work. Read it till the end to unveil the top reasons why these games have become so popular and what the future for it holds.

Better ten than one! Right?

It’s easier to achieve something when you work with a team of enthusiasts and smart individuals accompanied by adequate resources. Other than accomplishing the same task in less duration, the true benefit is that the entire process becomes fun and even more interesting.

Similarly, when we talk about online gaming, teaming up with gamer friends to take on fellow gamers in intense competitive battles is one of the most thrilling aspects.

It’s not like this is something new, gaming has been inherited from us for a long time. However, MOBA games, especially with improved gaming structures and enhanced utility have modified the history of online gaming.

Let us first start with understanding what MOBA games are;

What are MOBA Games?

The story of MOBA games originated in 2003 and has taken the highway since then. A MOBA game is typically a multi-player game, in which multiple players interact with each other. The players are expected to work together to defeat the enemy by utilizing their individual skill sets and weapon upgrades. Using unique avatars, players team up to acquire gear and territory.

Apart from defeating the enemy, each player must also keep an eye on attaining the hidden rewards during the game. The goal is grabbing enough goodies at the end of a fight so they can upgrade their skins and equipment for the next level.

MOBA games can be considered easy to learn but at the same time it does involve complex gaming levels. The fun experienced on defeating enemies with an entire team of skilled gamers is just next level.

We have now got a good hang over what these games are, now it’s time to learn what makes these games so popular?

Why are MOBA Games popular?

Easy to learn;

A MOBA game follows a simple format. Generally, in most MOBA games each team consists of five players, and the first team to destroy the enemy’s base wins. It’s as simple as joining a team, selecting a character, and working together to achieve that common goal.

MOBAs make it easy for newcomers to follow the action. There is a map of instructions that contains all the information regarding the next action, and there are only 10 perspectives which a player needs to keep track of. With this any new player can easily keep track of what’s happening at all times.

Fiendishly difficult to master;

These games are easy to learn but do involve complex levels that you shall witness once you delve a tad deeper into them. The gaming avatars vary greatly in strength, weakness, and abilities, so players need to be very careful while choosing their options.

To create a balanced team of players, one must work with a smart strategy even before the match begins. Leveling up in-game unlocks new abilities and skills for players, and this creates a number of intriguing possibilities.

The layout is simple, the player just needs to defeat the enemy base, while protecting their own territory. However, what makes it a bit complex is the decision of team building and the command over the gaming tools.

Extensively competitive;

The human brain craves competition. By allowing opponents to join forces from anywhere in the world, MOBA games appeal to that basic human desire.

The game is a combination of rapidity, action-packed style, relentlessness and unpredictable nature. Over the past few years, their popularity has skyrocketed as these games provide a good base for players to investigate their gaming skills and master their performance against their competitors.

The list of pro players is very long in such games and new players keep joining the race, hence making these games extensively competitive.

They appeal to a broad range of gamers;

Due to their diverse genres, MOBAs appeal to a wide range of gamers. Fans of role-playing games will appreciate the mechanics of these games that provides an RPG experience. Combat in these games will be appreciated by anyone who enjoys action or fighting games.

Through the use of avatars that one might always admire, MOBA games provide players with an exciting and thrilling experience in real-time. There is no doubt that MOBAs are extremely popular because they combine elements of a number of genres to produce a highly entertaining genre.

They are Free;

MOBA games often operate on a free-to-play basis, so there are no entry barriers for players. Publishers make money by charging for cosmetics, battle passes, and other extras in-game, but you’re not required to buy them.

If you wish to enhance the looks of your avatars or upgrade your gaming experience you can always go ahead with these purchases. Perhaps, there are many people who are happy to keep spending on such upgrades in order to personalize and improve the gaming experience. But the general case scenario calls for free-to-play models in such games.

They are social;

MOBA games prove to be social in actual senses as they allow you to play with your friends and work together to defeat a common enemy. Furthermore, they facilitate the growth of online communities, enabling people across the globe to bond over a shared interest in gaming.

MOBAs are a perfect example of how video games can bring people together rather than isolate them, especially in this busy world.

What does the future for MOBA hold?

Due to the enormous rise of MOBAs in recent years, many people are optimistic about the future of this genre of game. It is safe to say that with the constant development of new technologies in the gaming field, there is a good chance that such developments have the potential to bring MOBAs into the 21st century.

It has already been reported that developers are now looking into how to pair MOBA gaming with a virtual reality (VR) experience, which is a move which could put gamers right in the middle of the action as it unfolds.

As they say rest is the mystery. Let us wait for the actual implementation and execution of these games and witness what the future of MOBA games brings to our gaming pallet.

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