The Future of Citrus Token

Blockchain technology has enriched people’s lives by bringing a variety of use cases that remove inefficiencies from traditional industries. One of the industries that benefited most from the introduction of blockchain technology is the gaming sector.

The gaming industry is a large industry with billions of active members all around the globe. Blockchain technology has developed new opportunities for gamers where they can own in-game assets and trade them for digital currencies on marketplaces.

However, with the increase in the adoption of blockchain gaming, there has been an influx of projects. Citrus Token aims to bring these projects to the community and add value to their life leveraging blockchain technology.

At the heart of the Citrus ecosystem lies Citrus Token that aims to change the face of the gaming industry and become the future of the cryptocurrency market. Citrus Token is simultaneously empowering project developers, investors, and the community with a scalable approach.

Citrus Token

Citrus Token is a gaming token minted to fund blockchain gaming and introduce high-tech multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games. The token has an extensive supply of 380 million tokens and an extensive and prolonged roadmap.

It is currently focused on making Citrus accessible all around the globe. To that extent, the project is soon going to be listed on some of the biggest crypto exchanges all around the world. Apart from the listings, the project will soon launch its own NFT marketplace.

Citrus tokens allow investors to get a better return on their investment, and it has a promising future roadmap that ensures that it is going to be a hit. Also, its developers are focused on the project’s long-term vision. This roadmap will ensure that the project hits all its milestones and objectives while building a transparent, secure platform to make trading cryptocurrencies easy and accessible for everyone.

The token is listed both on, where it crossed the $2 mark, and now also on Coinsbit. Moreover, last October, Citrus launched its first blockchain game, Clash Crush Block., and afterwards it managed to sell 36 million tokens and burned over 70 million tokens. The project has several more developments in the pipeline to be unveiled soon.

About Citrus

Citrus Token is the future of the cryptocurrency market with a mission to change the face of the gaming industry. Using the power of cryptocurrencies, Citrus is empowering various games with a scalable approach that will incorporate itself with various avenues. Citrus uses a convenient system that helps investors to hold a limited value of Citrus Token in a single wallet. Apart from the Iconic Blockchain Games, Citrus offers transparent and practical use cases, an urbane team, revolutionary social conscience, and a secure code audit.

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The citrus token (CTS) is the pilot project of the brand Citrus, a decentralized blockchain gaming and crypto investing platform for audience across the globe.

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The citrus token (CTS) is the pilot project of the brand Citrus, a decentralized blockchain gaming and crypto investing platform for audience across the globe.

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