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While you are amazed to learn more about the listing news of citrus token on DIGIFINEX EXCHANGE, we are near the finish line. With a strategic roadmap for achievements, Citrus is rigidly focused on reaching all the pre-determined milestones of success in order to establish a strong foothold in the industry.

The global craze of digitalization is blooming fast, and it is essential to stay firm in such a competition. Citrus is leaving no room for any competitors to dive in. The sustainability of the ecosystem CITRUS has built is able to capture many appreciable milestones.

Before heading further let’s overlook a little flashback from the journey of citrus.


Citrus is a Binance smart chain token that intends to accelerate the transformation of gaming and also offer a range of blockchain solutions through the next-generation Defi ecosystems, new blockchain technologies, advanced decentralized applications, and many more.

CITRUS has combined all the trending and fast-growing sectors of the digital industry under one roof. The overall growth of these three industries shall escalate the expansion of CITRUS. The three industries majorly include NFTs, Dapps and Crypto Games.

The major reason behind any failure of a company is lack of backup plans, well with CITRUS you have no room for downfall, as each segment curated by CITRUS holds a positive future hike.

With all such amazing achievements, let’s see what citrus has next in its mind?


Currently, Citrus tokens are listed on two centralized exchanges which are Hotbit and Coinsbit, as well as one decentralized exchange which is known as Pancakeswap exchange. As you may already know, Citrus is all set to embark on the ship of DIGIFINEX LISTING.

Citrus has recently launched its very own blockchain game, named “CLASH CRUSH BLOCK,” which in the meantime has crossed over 50K downloads and Citrus plans on reviving the hype again with a new horse racing game once it becomes available very soon. Besides creating Dapps, Citrus also tries its hand at other blockchain solutions.

Listing on DIGIFINEX Exchange is the next big move of Citrus, but how is this going to be accorded favor for the community members:


When we digger deep into the crypto space, we find there are many crack holes that needs to be pinched out. There are number of exchanges that promises to deliver top security and integrity for your investment however the delusion they create hold a lot of fishing hooks behind them.

Having abridged this long-term trouble, Citrus decided to pull down the thorns from the stem of crypto investment and let the community experience fresh freedom.

Perhaps, DIGIFINEX exchange provides 100% transparency and accountability for your investments. That means, you can keep a track of your trading and easily deposit and withdraw whenever you want.

01. MORE SECURED PAYMENTS: With the high integration of exchange with various merchants and transparent operational system, it is easier for the users to keep track of their transactions, eliminating any suspicious activity revolving around.

02. RECOGNIZED EXCHANGE: DIGIFINEX EXCHANGE is one of the most popular and reliable global exchanges that puts its users to relief while seamlessly trading.

03. DIGIFINEX ECOSYSTEM: DigiFinex, the exchange offers its own token called DFT, which can be used to reduce transaction fees, to grant VIP status, to establish brand identity, to license authorizations, and more.

04. 10+ TRADING PAIR: What is even better is that users registered on DIGIFINEX will not have to worry about converting their currencies again and again, as DIGIFINEX exchange supports 10+ fiat currency.

To give our community members a little briefer about the finale; here are some details:


As citrus has decided to finally list themselves on the most popular global crypto exchange, “DIGIFINEX” the listing shall breakthrough in the following time slots.

DATE OF LISTING: Listing will be visible on the exchange by 01st July 2022, around 8:00 (UTC).

TIME FOR DEPOSITS: The deposits will be activated by 3:00 (UTC) on 30th June 2022. Users can start depositing their investments before the listing.

TRADING: Allas! The most awaited moment. Trading will be live at 8:00 (UTC) on the same day.




Experience secure code audit with Citrus and refrain from the fear of any discrepancy. Stay tuned till the final listing and keep following us.

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The citrus token (CTS) is the pilot project of the brand Citrus, a decentralized blockchain gaming and crypto investing platform for audience across the globe.