Introducing the concept of gamification in healthcare might sound a bit bizarre or unreasonable at the start, however when we go deep down the line, we shall understand how gamification can improve the existing healthcare routine apps and create drastic impacts on the users’ lives.


Gamification is the process of designing an application in a way that utilizes basic psychology to keep users engaged. Games ensure that the user gains a sense of achievement that motivates them to return to the app and use it for longer periods of time. You gain a competitive advantage and can achieve your growth objectives as a result.

The Gamification of Healthcare Apps:

Through self-assessments and remote care solutions, many healthcare applications provide patients with easier access to manage their health conditions. A number of these healthcare companies offer health solutions that are easier to access as well as excellent customer service.

In the current competitive environment, health companies need to deliver more features to enhance user engagement and attention, and gamification can do just that by adding an element of fun to their apps.

Using gamified healthcare apps not only adds more fun to the apps, but also makes them more user-centric, increases user attention, and changes their behavior.

Several big health app development companies are trying to incorporate the following games into their apps. These features give them an edge over competitors in the healthcare industry.

01. Badges as incentives:

A variety of badges and awards are featured in health care applications as a way to reward users for meeting their health goals. By earning badges, users are able to set milestones for themselves and set goals that are more health-related.

02. Points awarded:

When users complete a certain task or level, they are rewarded with certain in-game points. Rewards points are a way to communicate the value of performance and also provide visual evidence of progress. Additionally, these rewards points can be exchanged for other benefits within the app.

03. Leaderboards:

Leaderboards encourage users to be competitive and feel a sense of belonging. The progress of users can be shared with friends and other users, and progress can also be seen on leaderboards.

With the long list of expectational gamification features let us have a quick look over the benefits of gamification in healthcare;

Benefits of gamification in healthcare:

Health compliance companies are offering gamified health apps that not only have user-friendly UI designs, but also have features that make them more useful not only for patients, but also for physicians. Users are able to track their health goals with these gamified health apps and share them with their peers. As a result, gamification encourages users to develop healthy habits and increase their productivity, increasing their productivity.

01. More patient data

The use of gamified health apps allows a significant amount of data to be collected from the patient’s end. It is also encouraged that patients would provide more personalized feedback, which helps in developing better products and identifying new trends. For the purpose of securing the data, healthcare companies use HIPAA compliance (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) for software development, as well as audit services.

02. Improvements in physical therapy

Exercise can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, particularly in wheelchair users. With the addition of therapeutic tools in gamified healthcare apps, physical therapy can create an optimal therapeutic setting for patients. Through the right gaming tools provided to patients, these games not only improve health, but also lead to greater patient satisfaction.

03. Ensuring better education programs

Studies have shown that physicians who used gamified online tools for learning performed better than their peers who used traditional learning tools. Gamification has improved patient outcomes, employee productivity, and reduced training costs for healthcare companies.


The bottom line is gamification has been touted as providing several advantages over traditional persuasive technology and health games for motivating healthier behavior, and is increasingly used. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of this method remains unknown.


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