Citrus: The New Frontier of Play-to-Earn

The modern gaming industry is constantly evolving to combine its potential with finance, enabling gamers to earn a living playing the games they most love. The play-to-earn (P2E) business model powered by blockchain and cryptocurrencies is the newest development in this sector.

With more than 3.2 billion players globally, P2E games are poised to become one of the major drivers of mainstream crypto adoption. For futurists, this is just the beginning where you can collect and trade virtual assets that are transferable and can be swapped on digital marketplaces for real money.

Such crypto-yielding games have changed the way we interact, establish communities, socialize, and play games in a newer digital realm. Citrus is one such project aiming to achieve the true potential of play-to-earn games in building a new economy and exploring its infinite possibilities.

Citrus: Who are We?

Citrus is a project that aims to unleash the fullest potential of play-to-earn games and pave the way for an alternate and more equitable way of earning in-game assets. Our dedicated team is focused on building utility applications, investing in futuristic projects, and exploring the blockchain space.

Here’s what our roadmap looks like:

  • Launch the Citrus exchange (CitrusEx), Citrus Cross Swap Wallet, NFTs marketplace, and decentralized games.

Citrus Token: Incentivising Gamers in Real World

With the monumental rise in Games-as-a-Service, it’s still a challenge for gamers, the dynamic target group, to mint money. Enter Citrus, a token powered by Binance Smart Chain that incentivizes gamers by introducing next-gen DeFi ecosystems, rare NFTs, customer-centric dApps, and more.

Think of it as an association of blockchain games and decentralized assets, where players get to use our Citrus token to earn money while playing.

Clash Crush Block: Monetize Off this Puzzle Game

If you are good at solving riddles and want to win gaming tokens as you play, Clash Crush Block is the one you should be looking at. Clash Crush Block is a first-person game with a play-to-earn model and added elements that are driven by simple simulation where players solve puzzles and convert game points to earn real CTS tokens.

Getting started is easy; all you need to do is register with the game and start playing like you would any other game. You need to earn 11,000 game points and convert them to Citrus coins by cashing out every 15 days. And here’s the catch: there’s zero upfront investment.

While the in-app revenue of Citrus games is promising, we also take care of the gaming experience with the integration of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality.


Play-to-earn games aim to add new economic models while exploring the infinite possibilities of blockchain technology and integrating new gamers. Citrus thrives to lead the way for P2E games with the incentivization of players, which is at the heart of the play-to-earn model. Visit our website and be a part of this exciting journey.