09 Hacks To Win Over The ESPORTS Betting Leagues!

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Read about what Esports betting games are and how they operate. Also, get a heads up on the latest esports betting tips ahead of the game.

Esports is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, attracting millions of gaming heads to their digital stadium events. Irrespective of the prolonged myth and understated fact that esport betting games include complex and tough algorithms to break, betting on esports is not that tricky. The process is actually quite simple.

Perhaps it’s more fun than betting on traditional sports, and something different. Thus, it’s no surprise that so many people also enjoy wagering on esports.

According to gamblingsites.com’s online gaming statistics, it was reported that the esports betting market is already worth close to $1 billion a year, and it’s only going to grow from here.

Before heading any longer, let us first ponder on WHAT ESPORTS BETTING EXCATLY IS?


Online betting on esports games is a relatively new form of online betting that allows users to make real money wagers. The genre of a game has no bearing on esports betting — MOBA, FPS, RTS, racing, and sports simulations are all included in esports betting.

Today, gambling in esports is a fairly common occurrence. However, this wasn’t the case a couple of years ago. Barely anyone knew about esports, and today everybody is talking about this booming industry, so it’s no wonder trends change.

In contrast with traditional sports betting, esports betting doesn’t exactly fit the recipe. The ingredients seem to be a lot different on the platter.

Let us now witness how this mechanism actually work?

Esports betting: how does it work?

Live betting has become extremely popular during esports matches, despite the fact that people can bet before the event. Bets on esports are commonly made in the following ways:

01. Betting on fixed odds with real money through an online bookmaker

02. Private social betting between individuals

03. Gambling on skins and loot boxes is often conducted in-game.

The final winning criteria in most games generally include;

01. Match winner

02. Tournament winner

03. Correct scores

04. Odd/evens bets

05. Over/under bets

If you’re looking for a “quick fix” to make some money from betting on esports, try these hacks and stay affirmed to the considerations mentioned.


01. Understand the Risks Involved;

Losing is FAR more likely than winning — especially for beginners. It’s not wrong to say esports betting is an easy way to get rich. There’s a good chance you’ll lose money first before you make some nice profits. Therefore, you should always know the risks involved.

BEFORE getting started, decide if you can accept the risk. Bookmakers don’t usually refund money AFTER you lose, so you can’t ask for a refund after you’ve lost. Once you lose, the money is gone.

02. Choosing the Right Esports Bookmaker every time;

You must have a reliable esports bookmaker before you research, choose, and stake your wager. You probably already have your favorite online sports betting site if you’re a seasoned bettor. Perhaps, chances are that it might not be particularly suitable for all-time esports betting. That’s why switching to the best esports bookie alternatively is advisable.

03. Use Reputable Betting Sites;

There are plenty of sites that offer esports betting these days, and they’re not all of the same standards. Most of them are “adequate” at least, but there are a few that are terrible and better off avoided. So, it is advisable to do your research, find authentic feedback and reviews of a site, and then stick to it.

Some examples are;

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting Sites
  • League of Legends Betting Sites
  • Dota 2 Betting Sites
  • Overwatch Betting Sites
  • Starcraft II Betting Sites

04. Set Some Objectives;

It might not be the most important tip discussed but indeed it is one to carefully c considered about. Setting some objectives can help you to stay focused and motivated, and that’s always a good thing. You’re more likely to be successful if you’ve got clear targets to aim for.

A couple of points to bear in mind here is that your objectives don’t have to be financial ones and they should be realistically achievable.

05. Learn How to Identify Value;

Esports betting is all about value. Making regular and consistent profits requires the ability to identify value in markets.

The common mistake people make is thinking value is all about odds. According to them, high odds offer good value and low odds offer bad value. That’s oversimplifying things. It’s not just about how high or low the odds are, but how they compare to the chances of winning.

06. Know the Games You’re Betting On;

Perhaps you’re an avid video gamer who knows all about esports. You’ll have a head start if you are. If not, however, we strongly recommend taking some time to learn about a few games. It’s impossible to make good betting decisions unless you understand what you’re betting on.

It’s not necessary to learn about every game but if you are coming across the game for the first time and give yourself some time to understand it thoroughly and know how it operates.

07. Use the Gaming Community;

Video gaming has a huge community. Overall, it’s a great resource for staying on top of professional esports news. In addition to blogs and forums, there are a number of other websites where you can gather the information that will be helpful in making betting decisions. One of the best ways to improve your knowledge of esports is to tap into the knowledge of other fans. Reddit is one of the best sites to use for connecting to such a community.

08. Study previous matchups;

When predicting the outcome of esports matches, many factors need to be considered. Results from previous matches are a good indicator of what’s going to happen. There are teams that consistently do well against specific teams, and that kind of information is useful to know.

09. Measure Your Results

As a final note, monitoring your results will help you see improvements. All you need is a pen and a piece of paper, and you can type out data such as waged, odds, potential wins, and results.

Track and examine your results — that’s how you succeed! Don’t repeat your mistakes and stick to the secret formula that worked for you.

Apart from the other cool things, Esport betting games open a wide arena for attracting investors worldwide.

Investment Opportunities in Esport betting games;

Increasing amounts of capital are being invested in this area by capital firms. Such opportunities to support the eSports gambling ecosystem include:

01. Real Estate:

Fans and players alike need a curated environment for eSports tournaments. As eSports viewers continue to grow, event hosts will need dedicated areas to maximize both player and fan experiences, whether that be stadiums or eSports venues.

02. Analytics and Performance Measurement Tools:

Using data and standardized metrics, coaches and trainers can evaluate and improve players’ performances. The data could be game-play or biometrics.

In order to make actual match predictions and set odds accurately, esports bookmakers need similar data in real-time.

03. Video Production Software:

Increased fan engagement is attributed to better match play visualization. That again opens a wide gate for video editors and production houses.

04. Cheating Detection Software:

Especially in an active betting culture, cheating poses a major threat to the health of the eSports ecosystem. It is in the interest of all parties involved to use software that improves the integrity of the competition, whether they are players, fans, tournament hosts, or sponsors.


Esports betting games are gazing great attention inside the space and are set to thrive even higher. Along with providing higher monetary benefits to expanding investment opportunities, Esports betting games prove to be the best technological concept prevailing in the segment right now!

Let us sit back tight and witness the boom it experiences and the excellent highlights it keeps entailing for us.

Get your betting predictions right using our cool ESPORT betting tips & share it with your gaming friends and encourage them to try it!

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